PCB Platform for Human Metabolites Detection by total-Q in Cyclic Voltammograms

**** Master Project ****

Contacts: Sandro Carrara
Simone Aiassa


Although the detection of human metabolite through a direct measurement (amperometry and potentiometry) are leading to great results in platform for point-of-care diagnostic, some analyte can be efficiently detected and measured only leveraging on indirect procedures, i.e. cyclic voltammetry. Recent advancement in technology are pushing to perform this kind of operation on-line, on portable and remotely powered system. We are proposing a new method for detection of human metabolite via measurement of total charge released/absorbed in cyclic voltammetry.

The goal of this project is to design and simulate a PCB circuit for charge (current-integration) sampling in cyclic voltammograms to obtain a pen-style device for detection of drugs in human blood. Resolve issues related to eventual noise and losses, define resolution and limits. The circuit will be simulated and validated with experimental data.


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