Electrodeposited nanoAu and/or nanoPt for non-enzymatic VOCs sensing

**** Master Project ****

Contacts: Sandro Carrara


Unlike blood, exhaled human breath represents an attractive analyte for rapid, non-invasive, Point-Of-Care diagnostics for several diseases. Exhaled breaths of disease-persons contain disease-specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or biomarkers (VOBs). For example, M. tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis cultures produce four prominent VOBs, namely: (i) methyl nicotinate, (ii) methyl p-anisate, (iii) methyl phenylacetate and (iv) o- phenylanisole.



Project Aim

By realizing and testing different surfaces with nanoGoald and/ore nanoPlatinum, the goal of this project is to identify the best metal nanostructure’s most sensitive, selective and resistant for a suitable detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or biomarkers (VOBs). In case of successful results of enough performing sensors, final validation might be done directly on real samples from cell cultures.


Project Tasks


Eligibility Requirements:


Kenneth I. Ozoemena, and Sandro Carrara, Review Article: Biomedical electrochemical sensors for resource-limited countries, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2017, 3:51–56