Small Workshop on Interval Methods

June 10-11, 2009
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on interval methods and their applications, providing a forum to review and discuss the state-of-the-art in this area and fostering cross-fertilization between different approaches.

The SWIM'09 workshop is intended to build on the success of the first edition, held in Montpellier, which was initiated by the french working group MEA ("Méthodes ensemblistes pour l'automatique" or "Set Membership methods for automatic control" : www.lirmm.fr/ensemble).

Twenty one speakers from several countries (Poland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Pakistan and France) attended SWIM'08, where they discussed their most recent ideas and developments and thought together about the most promising new directions.

Call for talks

If you want to present a talk, please send an one page abstract via email to one of the organizers, no later than May 1st, 2009.

If you simply plan to attend the workshop, please send an email to one of the organizers.

Workshop Highlights



Djamila Sam-Haroud, Ph.D.
Lecturer & Researcher
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIA)
School of computer and comunication sciences (I&C)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Email: jamila.sam@epfl.ch
Tel: (+41 21) 693-352 09

Luc Jaulin, Ph.D.
DTN (Laboratoire Développement des Technologies Nouvelles)
ENSIETA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs des Etudes et Techniques d'Armement),
29806 Brest
Email: luc.jaulin@ensieta.fr
Tel: +33 (0) 298 348 910

Nacim Ramdani, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Coprin projet, 06902 Sophia Antipolis,
and LIRMM CNRS Univ. Montpellier 2, Robotics Dep., 34392 Montpellier.
Email: nacim.ramdani@inria.fr
Tel: +33 (0) 467 418 559


Travel and accommodation:

SWIM'09 presentations will take place in the INR219 room at the Intelligence artificial Laboratory (LIA,EPFL))

Accommodation : an extensive list of Lausanne's hotels is available at http://www.lausanne-tourisme.ch/LT/Accomodation/_S_63358


Functions, Polnomials and Eigenvalues

Constraint Satisfaction and Global Optimization


Global Optimization, Stability and Controller Design

Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Continuous Dynamical Systems

SLAM, Planning and Robotics