Why such a workshop?

If we leave the beautiful original work of Hodgkin and Huxley aside, one is sometimes left with the impression that a lot of neuron modeling work in the last two to three decades was more of a qualitative nature (this channel increases this effect, firing rate curves look nice, there is this cool dendritic effect etc). More recently, there have been efforts in several labs to make a step forward towards quantitative predictive models by measuring the model quality over lots of different paradigms including spike-by-spike predictions for time-dependent input; even simple models sometimes perform surprisingly well.

Specific Aims

The aim of the workshop would be to bring these people together, compare methods, and maybe get into a discussion of:

  1. What are suitable generic sets of stimuli to test neuron models?
  2. What are suitable measures to quantify and optimize the quality of neuron models?
Invited speakers

Venue: On the Campus of the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (How to get there)